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Five Crowded Memories (visual stutter) by Pamela Sienna - diptych oil painting, still life of cloth, satin, cotton, realist painting
Five Crowded Memories (visual stutter)

oil on 2 panels, diptych
17.5" x 39"

Artist statement on Visual Stutter series.

In my series of paintings that I call "visual stutters," I am exploring how subtle shifts in viewpoint and repetition effect our perception. In the studio, I move only a few inches to view the still life at a slightly different view between each panel. (I paint them separately before framing them together.)
While working for a straightforward depiction, I think of the diptychs and triptychs of bundles standing as memories that change across time. During the creation, I am the element that is different each time I observe them. Yesterday's memories, today's experiences and tomorrow's plans stutter in our minds. We contemplate our own wrapped up contents, bound into "parcels" in our lives. We are a different viewer each time we see the painting.

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