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Pamela Sienna contemporary still life painting, Object Project, trompe l'oeil painting
What is in the Air
oil on 3 panels, triptych
29.5" x 50"

This painting was created for The Object Project. The exhibition was curated by Robert C. Jackson.
The same objects were given to 15 artists. We were given about 18 months to make two artworks using the objects as subjects in various ways. Then a book was produced and the exhibition went on tour across the United States.
Between the two artworks we had to include a bone, a glass, a hand mirror, string and a large moth.
In "What is in the Air" I included the bone, the moth and the string in full view and the glass was wrapped in red cloth in the center.
See the second Object Project painting, "Bunker."
The exhibition traveled (2007-2009) to five museums: The Evansville Museum in Indiana, the Greenville County Museum of Art in South Carolina, the Philbrook Museum of Art in Oklahoma and the Museum of Outdoor Art in Colorado.

Private Collection.