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Pamela Sienna contemporary still life painting. Object Project, quadriptych, painting of cloth, skulls, explosions
oil on 4 panels, quadriptych
29.5" x 57.5"

This painting was created for The Object Project. It was curated by Robert C. Jackson.
The same objects were given to 15 artists. Over 18 months we created 2 artworks containing the selected objects in some way. Then a book on the project was produced and the exhibition of all the works traveled from 2007 to 2009 to five museums: the Evansville Museum in Indiana, the Greenville County Museum in South Carolina, the Philbrook Museum in Oklahoma and the Museum of Outdoor Art in Colorado.
In "Bunker" I used the bone, the string, the hand mirror (wrapped in blue cloth and reflecting a fire outside the picture plane) and, behind the mirror, a corner of the glass contains a white cloth. See the second Object Project painting "What is in the Air" to see the moth as well as the bone, string and glass.

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