Pamela Sienna - Paintings
Packeddetail of "Packed"Mounting Secrets # 1
detail of "Mounting Secrets #1"
Mounting Secrets #2detail "Mounting Secrets #2"Fire, Water, Earth, Airdetail of Fire, Water, Earth, AirCauses and EffectsPrimary Phase (chaos and hope)Monument #1Monument #2UnsettledEvery Shreddetail of painted paper in "Every Shred"Mass Build UpImbalanceRelative MassWrapped (gift of balance)We WonderWrapped (the luxury of love)Almost PossessedBook #1Wrapped (what awaits)Wrapped (everything is true)ConfluenceSearching Without MovingWrapped (the next question)Secrets of Civilization #1Secrets of Civilization #2Tall StackInterlockedTouchPropThe EvidenceThe Reeling MindRed AlertWhat Was Put AsideWrapped (path away, path back)Hope #1Hope #2Hope #3Hope #4Wrapped (horse in wind)CornucopiaWrapped (rapt)What to ChooseGift for Tomorrow #1Gift for Tomorrow #2
Wrapped Cloth
Artist Statement
Memory and private thoughts are my primary themes in these paintings of cloth. The wrapped forms suggest both secrets kept and the promise of a gift; you might imagine one of your dearest objects beneath the chaos of bound folds. A viewer might wander through a personal bank of symbols and desires during a meditation of what is contained within the fabric.

I allow the language of my images to be as precise and as elusive as poetic language; there are ties to poetry in execution (the subtlety of small changes, editing and honing of the image over a long time.) Poetry and painting are the ways my mind collects and protects imagery and meaning in my life.

I use cloth as a universal symbol of Civilization - a common thread - the fabric of time, of space, the flexible texture of memory and, also, how the brain operates scientifically. I think the mind is like a fabric, the weave of memory bound by reflection and shadow. The fabric of time and space does not dictate form but holds it (sometimes tenuously.) Cloth can be a curtain, an adornment, a shroud or a protection. All depends upon the point of observation.