Pamela Sienna - Paintings
Five Crowded Memories (visual stutter)

Detail of center of diptych 
Five Crowded Memories (visual stutter)Three Packed Memories (visual stutter)Drawing During Three Packed MemoriesSeven Ways to Remember (visual stutter)detail of center panel of triptych
Seven Ways to Remember (visual stutter)detail of right of triptych
Seven Ways to Remember (visual stutter)Drawing for Seven Ways to Remember (visual stutter) triptychFour Seasonal Memories (visual stutter)Four Balanced Memories (visual stutter)Detail of left panel of "Four Balanced Memories (visual stutter)"Detail of right panel of diptych "Four Balanced Memories (visual stutter)"Drawing During Four Balanced MemoriesEight Close Memories (visual stutter)detail of Eight Close Memories (visual stutter)Six Floating Memories (visual stutter)Remember Blue, Forget Grey (visual stutter)Drawing for Remember Blue, Forget Grey
Visual Stutter Series
Diptychs and triptychs

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